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Digital Manufacturing: the Third Industrial Revolution

The first industrial revolution took place during the nineteenth century as a consequence of replacing human labor with machine labor. The second industrial revolution instead was characterized by the introduction of  assembly lines that, starting from the 50′s, have radically modified the production processes thus allowing people to benefit from affordable products  manufactured in volumes and at large scale (mass production).


Nowadays, there is evidece that we are undergoing a new industrial revolution led by digital manufacturing. In some areas of human activity, the digital revolution has already caused a radical change, like for example in the finance industry, the media, tourism and photography.


In the manufacturing industry, however, empirical evidence of this digital revolution is still missing, especially in european countries like Italy.For this reason,  the Laboratory on Supply Chain & Service Management ( SCSM ) at University of Brescia, has decided to conduct a survey at the national level to investigate the state of the art of adoption of digital manufacturing in the italian manufacturing ecosystem.


The research aims to gather evidence regarding the use of 7 technologies, which can substantially change both the corporate processes and the products: 3D Printing and 3D ScanningInternet of ThingsSocial ManufacturingAugmented RealityVirtual RealityIntelligence artificial intelligence and robotics,Nanotechnology and advanced materials.


The study is sponsored by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, by Siemens and in partnership with the specialist publication It IsInglobe Technologies is technology partner for the Augmented Reality area in this research.


To learn more visit the  research page:

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