Inglobe Technologies | ARmedia SDK v2.0: New Features and Applications
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ARmedia SDK v2.0: New Features and Applications

Being able to provide contextual, high quality and spatially aligned digital information to real objects in Cultural Heritage sites is one of the biggest challenges for developers who try to provide a unique experience to their App users. This is what Augmented Reality is for.

In order to help developers deal with these challenges, at Inglobe Technologies we have worked hard to add new features to the ARmedia Augmented Reality SDK. The new ARmedia SDK v2.0 provides different tracking methods -including geolocation, planar images, device motion, 3D object tracking- alongside with 360° panoramas and interactive 3D contents on mobiles . The methods are packed together in such a way that they can be easily integrated into a single app. For more information take a look at this presentation:

ARmedia SDK: new Features and Capabilities

And here goes a video that shows some of the features at work

If you are an interested reader, you can start to develop your own mobile Apps based on those features by downloading the SDK today:

and make yourself familiar with the technology by requesting a free trial subscription.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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