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We consider Man and Technology as parts of an emerging higher level system

Implementation of effective AR solutions is always a challenge. To meet even the most complex challenges we adopt a systems design approach as it provides concepts and tools to deal with design problems at different levels of abstraction, complexity and uncertainty.
Thanks to our approach we can deal with complex design problems that can be translated across different fields and scale well up at the enterprise level.


An established Roadmap for the Enterprise AR Strategy

The adoption of an Augmented Reality Enterprise Strategy requires a careful and thorough analysis of the goals and requirements as well as the solutions that allow to achieve them. We have established a three-step approach to address the challenges at the enterprise level that takes the form of the Roadmap below:


Plan and Organize

Goal: to demonstrate the potential of AR technology in a suitable application scenario relevant to the needs of the company; to get an understanding of technology implementation, help structuring business and training requirements; identify needed assets and setup AR development capability to support future initiatives

What: test AR technology and its effectiveness, by developing a reference pilot application in a real application scenario that could be deployed on the desired platform.


Architect and Deploy

Goal: extend AR capability to all applicable and relevant initiatives; enable complex scenarios through integration with the enterprise backend; in case, research server side MADP middleware technologies supporting industrialization of AR initiatives

What: as first pilot AR project(s) are on-going, the company can now implement a solution that comprises both frontend and backend.


Industrialized AR

Goal: scale the solutions up to the enterprise level

What: the company can devote resources to the development of an integrated system that enables users to address different challenges at different levels in the organization.

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